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Clear Acrylic Rods

Discover the clarity and versatility of our Clear Acrylic Rods. These transparent rods find their place in various applications, from enhancing photography and lighting to serving as creative tools in DIY projects. They also play a role in event décor, propping up flowers for a touch of elegance and support.

Key Features:

  • Crystal-Clear Transparency: Our Clear Acrylic Rods provide exceptional transparency, allowing light to pass through with brilliance.


  • Photography: Elevate your photography setups by using these clear rods for background support and creative lighting effects.
  • Lighting: These rods can be employed to shape and distribute light in unique ways for your lighting projects.
  • DIY Projects: Unleash your creativity in various DIY endeavors, making use of these versatile acrylic rods.
  • Railings: Clear acrylic rods can be integrated into railing systems to add a modern, transparent touch to architectural designs.
  • Event Decor: Enhance event decor by using these acrylic rods to gracefully prop up flowers, or other décor adding elegance to special occasions.

Customizable Options:

  • You have the ability saw cut, and drill into our acrylic rods.

Important Note: These are extruded rods, so extrusion lines may be visible.

Experience the clear brilliance and adaptability of our Clear Acrylic Rods, whether you're a photographer, lighting enthusiast, DIY enthusiast, or an event decorator. These transparent rods provide a canvas for your creativity in various applications.

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We’re excited to announce that after 18 years in Tribeca, T&T Plastic Land will be moving to 342 Herzl Street Brooklyn, NY 11212 on October 4th, 2021.
T&T will be offering an array of new services to expand and help our current client base. That will include CNC routing, and in-house delivery. Other services will be implemented over the next year.

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