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Acrylic Sheeting

Also known as plexiglass, lucite, or perspex, acrylic is a popular and versatile thermoplastic for many uses. It is a common substitute for glass as it is crystal clear, lighter, more shatter resistant and easy to work with. Cut to size, and full-size Acrylic sheeting available.
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We carry a wide assortment of adhesives, cleaners, and polishers, including many other accessories for use with Acrylic.
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These clear containers are ideal for the bathroom, office, kitchen, school room, kid’s room - virtually anywhere visible, affordable, functional storage is needed.
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Custom Fabrication

Have a design you need built, Wood Fabricated, CNC Routed or Laser cut? Our experienced custom plastic fabrication experts can help. Tell us about your upcoming project.

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New Location - T & T Plastic Land

We’re excited to announce that after 18 years in Tribeca, T&T Plastic Land will be moving to 342 Herzl Street Brooklyn, NY 11212 on October 4th, 2021.
T&T will be offering an array of new services to expand and help our current client base. That will include CNC routing, and in-house delivery. Other services will be implemented over the next year.

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