Elevate your creations with our Fluorescent Acrylic Sheets. At T&T Plastic Land, our fluorescent acrylic sheets bring a touch of magic to your projects. These transparent sheets offer a vivid color tint without diffusion, featuring a captivating edge-glow effect when polished. Our fluorescent acrylic sheets are perfect for precision tasks like laser cutting, CNC routing, drilling, saw cutting, and fabrication, making them ideal for DIY projects, signage, pedestals, and artistic creations.

New Location - T & T Plastic Land

We’re excited to announce that after 18 years in Tribeca, T&T Plastic Land will be moving to 342 Herzl Street Brooklyn, NY 11212 on October 4th, 2021.
T&T will be offering an array of new services to expand and help our current client base. That will include CNC routing, and in-house delivery. Other services will be implemented over the next year.

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