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Introducing Our New Pastel Acrylic Selection: Perfect for Every Creative Project

Introducing Our New Pastel Acrylic Selection: Perfect for Every Creative Project

We are excited to unveil our latest product line at T&T Plastic Land: the vibrant and versatile Pastel Acrylic Sheets. Our new collection features four stunning colors—Purple Lavender, Pink Salmon, Pink Blush, and Green Mint—available in both matte and glossy finishes.

These pastel acrylic sheets are perfect for adding a soft, stylish touch to any project. Whether you’re crafting eye-catching signage, designing custom decor, or working on a creative DIY project, our pastel acrylics offer the perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

Explore Our Pastel Acrylic Colors

Our Pastel Acrylic Sheets come in four captivating shades, each bringing a unique aesthetic to your designs:

 Purple Lavender Matte/Glossy L-668 Pastel Acrylic Sheet

Purple Pastel: This subtle yet enchanting shade of purple brings a calming, sophisticated touch to any project. The Purple Lavender Pastel Acrylic Sheet is perfect for creating elegant signage, whimsical decor, or artistic installations. Available in both matte and glossy finishes, it offers versatility for a wide range of applications, from sleek, polished displays to soft, diffused light effects.


 Pink Salmon Matte/Glossy L-661 Pastel Acrylic Sheet

Pink Salmon Pastel: The vibrant and cheerful Pink Salmon Pastel Acrylic Sheet is ideal for adding a pop of color to your designs. This pink pastel hue is perfect for crafting playful, eye-catching pieces, whether for retail displays, children’s decor, or festive event signage. Choose between matte for a subtle, contemporary look or glossy for a bright, reflective surface that stands out.


 Pink Blush Matte/Glossy L-667 Pastel Acrylic Sheet

Pink Blush Pastel: For a softer, more delicate approach, the Pink Blush Pastel Acrylic Sheet offers a gentle and inviting shade. This pink pastel is great for creating warm, welcoming signs, romantic decor, or personalized gifts. Available in matte for a smooth, understated appearance or glossy for a sleek, modern finish, it’s a versatile choice for any project that needs a touch of elegance.


 Green Mint Matte/Glossy L-665 Pastel Acrylic Sheet

Green Mint Pastel: Fresh and invigorating, the Green Mint Pastel Acrylic Sheet brings a breath of fresh air to your designs. This green pastel color is perfect for nature-inspired themes, spring decorations, or calming, soothing displays. Whether you opt for the matte finish for a muted, contemporary look or the glossy finish for a vibrant, reflective surface, the Green Mint sheet is sure to enhance any project.

Why Choose Pastel Acrylic Sheets? 

Our pastel acrylic sheets are not just visually appealing; they also offer several practical benefits that make them a superior choice for a wide range of applications:

Versatility: With both matte and glossy finishes available, these pastel acrylic sheets can be used for a variety of purposes, from sleek and modern to soft and diffused designs.

Durability: Like all our acrylic products, these sheets are strong, impact-resistant, and designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Workability: Pastel acrylic sheets are easy to cut, shape, and engrave using standard tools, making them ideal for both professional fabrication and DIY projects.

Color Consistency: The vibrant, consistent coloring of our pastel acrylic sheets ensures that your projects have a professional and polished appearance.

Lightweight: Despite their strength, these acrylic sheets are lightweight, making them easy to handle and install in various settings.

Creative Applications for Pastel Acrylic Sheets

Our pastel acrylic sheets are perfect for a multitude of creative projects. Here are just a few ways you can use them:


Create beautiful, standout signs for businesses, events, or personal spaces. The pastel colors provide a unique and stylish alternative to traditional signage materials.

Retail Displays

Use pastel acrylics to design captivating product displays that draw customers’ attention and enhance the shopping experience.

Interior Decor

Incorporate pastel acrylic sheets into home or office decor for a modern, colorful touch. Think wall art, decorative panels, or custom furniture accents.

Craft Projects

From personalized gifts to seasonal decorations, pastel acrylic sheets are perfect for a wide range of craft and DIY projects.

Event Decor

Design elegant and memorable decor for weddings, parties, or corporate events. The soft pastel colors add a sophisticated touch to any celebration.

How We Fabricate and Customize Your Pastel Acrylic Projects

At T&T Plastic Land, we offer comprehensive fabrication services to help you bring your pastel acrylic visions to life. Our skilled team utilizes CNC routers and laser cutters to precisely cut and engrave your designs.

Whether you need custom shapes, intricate lettering, or detailed engravings, we can handle it all with precision and care. We also offer custom bonding and assembly services to ensure your final product is exactly as you envisioned. 

Ready to start your next project with our beautiful pastel acrylic sheets? Visit our website or contact us today to place your order. At T&T Plastic Land, we’re here to help you create stunning, high-quality designs that stand out and make a lasting impression.

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