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Custom Acrylic Displays for Museums and Art Galleries

Custom Acrylic Displays for Museums and Art Galleries

In the world of museums and galleries, the materials chosen for display and preservation are crucial to both the presentation and protection of artifacts and artworks. Acrylic, known for its clarity, durability, and versatility, has become a preferred material in museums, galleries, and art exhibitions. From Acrylic Display Cases to custom fabrications like acrylic and wood pedestals, acrylic enhances the way exhibits are showcased and safeguarded.

a woman and young girl closely examining a museum display encased in plexiglass

Acrylic Display Cases

Acrylic Display Cases offer exceptional benefits for museums and galleries. These cases provide crystal-clear visibility while protecting valuable items from environmental factors and physical damage. Let's explore the various applications of acrylic display cases in museums and art galleries.

Showcasing Artifacts

Historical Artifacts

Museums house delicate and valuable historical items that require both visibility and protection. Clear Acrylic Sheets are ideal for display cases, offering a clear view while shielding artifacts from dust, UV light, and physical contact.

a holy relic displayed in an acrylic pedestal display

Natural History Exhibits

Whether it's fossils, taxidermy, or botanical samples, acrylic display cases provide excellent visibility and protection, preserving natural history specimens in a controlled environment. These acrylic display cases are ideal for showcasing valuable artifacts and specimens while maintaining their pristine condition.

a natural history display made with acrylic sheets

Displaying Artworks


For three-dimensional artworks, especially sculptures, acrylic display boxes allow for a full 360-degree view without visual distortion, making them perfect for galleries. These display cases are designed to enhance the viewing experience of intricate sculptures and other three-dimensional artworks.

Miniatures and Models

Acrylic cases are ideal for displaying intricate miniatures and models, protecting them from handling and environmental damage while allowing detailed observation. Our collection of acrylic cases come in various sizes to accommodate different types of miniatures and models.

An acrylic display case with architectural brick toys inside

Preserving Documents and Manuscripts

Rare Books and Manuscripts

UV Acrylic Sheets are used to create cases for rare and fragile documents. These cases protect items from harmful UV rays while providing optimal viewing angles and access. Crafted from durable UV acrylic, these sheets are specifically designed to create protective cases for rare and fragile documents.

Photographs and Prints

Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets are often used to house photographs and prints, minimizing glare and reflections, and preventing exposure to damaging light. These high-quality acrylic sheets are designed specifically to reduce glare and reflections, creating a perfect display for your photographs and prints.

Specialized Displays

Interactive Exhibits

For exhibits that involve interactive elements, such as touch screens or mechanical parts, acrylic can be used to create sturdy, transparent covers that protect while allowing user interaction. Clear acrylic is a versatile material that provides durability and transparency for your interactive exhibits.

a woman using an interactive touch-screen display made from acrylic materials

Lighting and Sound Installations

Acrylic’s versatility includes the ability to integrate lighting and sound within the display. This makes it ideal for multimedia installations that require built-in technology. When combined with the sleek design of acrylic, these multimedia installations not only deliver cutting-edge technology but also aesthetic appeal.

Framing with Acrylic: Superior Aesthetics and Preservation

Framing is another area where acrylic excels, offering several advantages over traditional glass:

Anti-Reflective and Non-Glare Options: Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets reduce glare and reflections, ensuring that artwork or documents are visible from all angles under various lighting conditions.

Impact Resistance: Acrylic’s impact resistance makes it a safer choice for frames, especially in high-traffic areas or where the framed item is of high value.

Customizability: Available in various thicknesses and finishes, including matte, mirrored, and frosted, acrylic sheets allow for bespoke framing solutions that enhance visual appeal while protecting contents.

A custom acrylic display case with fossils inside on display in a museum

Custom Fabrications: Acrylic and Wood Pedestals

Pedestals are essential in museum and gallery displays, elevating objects to optimal viewing heights and providing stability. Acrylic and Wood Pedestals offer unique benefits:

Acrylic Pedestals

Custom acrylic pedestals from T&T Plastic Land are ideal for modern, minimalist exhibits, the transparency of clear acrylic makes the pedestal almost invisible, focusing attention entirely on the displayed object. These can be fabricated in various shapes and sizes, from simple squares to complex, custom-designed structures.

Acrylic pedestals on a soft velvet background in a museum setting

Wood Pedestals

Combining the natural warmth of wood with the sleekness of acrylic creates striking contrasts that are perfect for museums and art gallery displays. Custom wood pedestals from T&T Plastic Land are perfect for exhibits requiring a traditional or organic feel and can be customized with different wood types and finishes.

Custom wood pedestal displays in a museum gallery setting

Clear, UV-protective, Non-Glare, and Mirror Acrylic Sheets: Specialized Uses

Acrylic sheets come in various types, each offering unique benefits for museum and gallery displays. Whether you're using clear acrylic sheets to secure precious objects, or utilizing UV-acrylic and Non-glare acrylic sheets for protective displays, there's no end to the amazing visual effects that can be achieved with acrylic for museums and galleries. 

Clear Acrylic Sheets: Provide unparalleled clarity and are perfect for display cases, frames, and other applications where visibility is paramount. Their exceptional clarity allows for perfect visibility in display cases, frames, and various other applications.

A selection of furniture made with clear acrylic sheets

UV Acrylic Sheets: Protect sensitive items from ultraviolet light, preventing fading and deterioration, making them ideal for preserving documents, photographs, and artifacts. These sheets are designed to block harmful UV rays, ensuring the longevity of your valuable items such as documents, photographs, and artifacts.

Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets: Reduce reflections and glare, enhancing the viewing experience for framed items and display cases under bright lighting conditions. Implementing anti-reflective coatings can help minimize reflections and glare, resulting in an improved viewing experience for framed items and display cases in well-lit environments.

a section of non-glare acrylic sheet for museum and gallery displays

Mirror Acrylic Sheets: Create striking special effects like infinity mirrors, build unforgettable custom light displays, or simply show off the full beauty of a sculpture or work of art with mirror acrylic sheets. Not only does mirror acrylic look amazing, but it has security and safety applications as well. 

a section of mirror acrylic sheets for museums and gallery displays

Applications of Acrylic Display Cases in Museums and Galleries

Acrylic Display Cases are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications within museums and galleries:

  1. Artifacts: Acrylic display cases for historical artifacts provide a protective barrier, allowing visitors to view historical and cultural treasures without risk of damage or theft. 
  2. Art Installations: Transparent and durable, acrylic cases for art installations are ideal for pieces that require a clear, unobstructed views. Their sturdy construction ensures that delicate art pieces are securely protected from damage.
  3. Scientific Exhibits: Acrylic cases for science exhibits, specimens and scientific models offer protection while allowing detailed inspection from all angles. Acrylic cases are a popular choice among collectors and researchers for their ability to protect specimens while providing a clear view from all sides.
  4. Museum gift shops: Acrylic display cases for museum gift shops are the ideal way to showcase and display high-end souvenirs and momentos available in museum gift shops, pop-up shops, and retail areas.  
  5. Tours and promotions: Acrylic sheets for signage can be used to create attractive displays for museum audio tours, docent tours, special promotions, exhibitions, announcements and more. 
  6. Museum signage: Acrylic sheets and blocks can be customized for signage in museums and galleries. From restroom signs to helpful reminders and warnings, acrylic signage is a durable and vibrant solution. 
  7. Galas, openings, and special events: Acrylics can be used to create a variety of custom features for one-off events like galas, private events, evening events, and special exhibitions. Use acrylic sheets to create event-specific decor, h'ors d'oeuvres trays, centerpieces, signage and more. 
a series of wood and acrylic displays for promotions at museums and galleries

Framing with Acrylic: Enhancing Aesthetics and Protection

Framing with acrylic, particularly with Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets offer clarity without the distraction of reflections and provide a safer alternative to traditional glass.

Acrylic framing is a modern solution that enhances the visibility and protection of your valuable artworks and documents. Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets specifically offer clear viewing without reflections and a safer option compared to glass.


a museum display case filled with historical artifacts and encased with acrylic panels for better security

Custom Fabrications: Acrylic and Wood Pedestals

Acrylic and Wood Pedestals are essential for elevating displays, offering a stable base while enhancing the presentation. Acrylic pedestals are valued for their modern, transparent look, which doesn’t detract from the object on display. Wood displays and pedestal stands add a touch of class to art displays, gift shops, ticket areas, and special events. 

Why Choose Acrylic for Museums and Galleries?

Acrylic’s combination of clarity, durability, and versatility makes it an ideal choice for museum and gallery environments. It enhances the presentation while providing essential protection for valuable collections.

Acrylic’s unique properties make it an invaluable material in museums and galleries. Whether it’s providing unobstructed views through display cases, offering protective and aesthetic framing, or creating versatile pedestals, acrylic stands out as a top choice for curators and exhibit designers.

an empty acrylic display case with dramatic lighting in a museum environment

NYC Museums and Art Galleries: choose T&T Plastic Land for custom acrylic displays, stands, security barriers, and more!

At T&T Plastic Land, we specialize in high-quality acrylic products, including Acrylic Display Cases, framing materials, and custom fabrications. Our expertise in working with acrylic and wood has allowed us to work with some of the biggest and most recognizable museums and galleries in New York City and the world. With over 20 years of experience fabricating museum and gallery displays, it's no wonder more museums choose T&T Plastic Land for their custom display needs. 

Explore the possibilities with T&T Plastic Land’s range of acrylic solutions and see how we can help you elevate your exhibits. From custom Acrylic Display Cases to acrylic and wood fabrications, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of museums and galleries.

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